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Arm | Jayasree's Story

By Arm
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Jayasree - Previous Graduate

"You get to be the one who sets your own boundaries and limits."

People from all over India travel to our Bangalore office for internships and graduate jobs. Jayasree is part of the Architecture and Technology Group (ATG) who explains why innovating at Arm has always been her dream job: “While I was in college, one of the hot topics of discussion was always Arm. I’ve always been intrigued by computer architecture after doing one of my college projects on Arm, I was astonished by Arm’s designs and all the thought process that goes into them. Basically, Arm is the invisible force powering the entire world. It’s technology powers billions of smart devices today.”

“You get to be the one who sets your own boundaries and limits.”

Pioneering new ideas in ATG, Jayasree’s job contributes to devices of future. In her own words: “My group understands the Arm architecture and provides analysis that helps come up with the correct architecture for future Arm-powered devices. It raises lots of exciting possibilities, especially the role Arm will play in enabling AI. But what I find most motivating is, because we set the pace for the industry, you get to be the one who sets your own boundaries and limits. Nobody defines your role but you. Of course, as a junior you receive plenty of guidance. But as you grow in the company, you can choose which problems you dig deeper into and how to go about the solutions, deciding when and how much to learn.”

Bangalore is one of our largest global offices and Jayasree believes it’s one of the most creative technology hubs in all of India: “It’s a very happening office. Very cross-cultural because we’ve relocated from all over India. This has created an environment with huge scope for fostering innovation through all those corridor chats and casual coffee catch-ups. But it’s not only local. I collaborate globally as well, discussing projects with my team mates in the Cambridge office in the UK and the Austin office in Texas. We’re all very flexible and understanding of the time zone differences. But when we do want to meet face-to-face, Arm is supportive of us travelling internationally. I’ve been to the UK several times already and my colleagues from abroad come here too. It’s very exciting.”