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Insight into Schroders: Natalja's Internship Experience

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We spoke to Natalja to discuss her 2022 summer internship with Schroders and uncover all the best tips to make the most out of the 8-week programme. She gave us a great insight into the supportive culture at Schroders, and you’ll read why the internship could be a great next step for you.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi, I’m Natalja, I’m currently finishing my masters in Computational Finance at UCL, before that I did my undergrad in Banking and Finance at London Metropolitan University. I learnt about Schroders while I was doing my undergrad studies and saw the company on Bright Network’s website, where you were advertising a position within the Data Insights Unit team. The description matched what I was looking for – within an Investment Management firm but at the same time required programming and maths skills. So, I thought it was perfect and I applied!

What stood out to you about Schroders?

With Schroders’ history of more than 200 years it really stood out to me. It made me feel like they had wealth of experience and knowledge! What appealed to me was the way they are active in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and aligned with their values. My experience as an intern at Schroders showed me their values are not only words on a page, but embedded within the company and shine through each and every person. I had also read various good recommendations, so all these things contributed to my decision to apply.

What would be your top tip to members going through the application process?

Read about and research the company – discover where they are investing and their goals and strategy. At Schroders it’s important to know that they value the interns and grads very highly, their Group Chief Executive, Peter Harrison, started off as a grad himself in 1988. If you feel like it’s right for you, just be yourself!

What does your role involve?

I am in the investment division, my team is very unique and called the ‘internal wizards’, or otherwise known as the Data Insights team. We are made up of a mix of data scientists that specialise in spatial data or natural language processing – we work internally to give advice to the investment teams.

What is the culture like at Schroders?

I told my manager that Schroders has surprised me, as I didn’t think I’d ever enjoy working in Finance as much as I have. I think inevitability wherever I move next, I will compare them to Schroders. I also like the structure here. If I wanted to meet a manager from another team, I would just drop them an email introducing myself and ask to learn more about what they do – and a chat could easily be scheduled the next day! As an intern you are expected to perform but at the same time it’s your opportunity to explore the company, communicate and talk to different people. Being able to meet others so easily was great! While doing my quantitative based thesis, I found it helpful to ask people beyond my team for advice, I found everyone so helpful and knowledgeable! I always wake up excited to go to work, I get to work with great people, and the way they manage the environment makes me want to deliver my best for Schroders. It’s all about teamwork, supporting one another and trying your best!

What have you found the most challenging?

My project was my personal challenge, as I found it quite difficult to participate in all the events they hold for the interns at the same time! For example, we had a rounders game in collaboration with both grads and interns, but I had to miss this due to prioritising my project. Although I have found some difficulties, Schroders supports you.

Did Bright Network help you secure this role and, if so, how?

The platform is very useful, especially as a fresh undergrad and not being 100% sure of your career path. I have a lot of trust in Bright Network being there for their student members. I used the platform to read some useful tips for CVs and interviews. I also took part in the Internship Experience UK which I enjoyed!

Anything else to add?

Schroders stands for all of their values. Together with this, I met interns who had studied geography, maths and history, so if you are applying for the internship, there is always something different you can bring to the team! They are looking for passionate and motivated interns. Throughout those eight weeks, show you are enthusiastic and determined, it’s something that is noted for the grad scheme, so don’t be afraid or doubt yourself. Do not worry about your academic background, especially if it is not finance based. There is always something that you can bring and contribute to the team.

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