Commercial Awareness All your updates in 2016

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If you missed any of our updates from 2016, find them all here. Our weekly update is published at the start of each week, so remember to look out for it.

19th December 2016 - Christmas strikes, a boost for the banking sector, Apple's tax deal with Ireland and JustEat's spending spree.

12th December 2016 - Murdoch bids for Sky, the new supermarket with no queues, a strong week for the markets and a decline in Custard Creams.

5th December 2016 - Liberal Democrats by-election win, Italy vote against Renzi's reforms, a big deal for oil and the cost of poor sleep.

28th Novermber 2016 - a review of the Autumn Statement, the biggest ever black Friday, a recount in Wisconsin and US stocks on the rise.

21st November 2016 - Dollar reaches 14-year high, Facebook and Google to expand UK workshop and Snap Inc. start IPO process.

14th November 2016 - Trump beats Clinton to Presidency, Lego ends advertising partnership with Daily Mail andconstruction activity falls.

7th November 2016 - The High Court ruling on Brexit, the American presidential election, the state of the UK economy and oil prices.

31st October 2016 - Heathrow's third runway, GDP rises by 0.5%, banks prepare for extra PPI payouts and John Lewis appoint female Managing Director.

24th October 2016 - London banks contemplate relocation, record high employment, MPs vote on Green's knighthood and is the pound still too expensive?

17th October 2016 - The cost of Brexit, Marmite-gate, a big merger in the law sector and will there be a second Scottish independence referendum.

10th October 2016 - The pound losing value, the implications of a 'hard Brexit', plans for a Snapchat IPO in 2017 and RBS squeezing struggling businesses.

3rd October 2016 - Article 50 to be trigger by March 2017, probelms for Deutsche Bank, FTSE 100 going strong and brand new Google phones.

26th September 2016 - Corbyn re-elected as Labour leader, 500 million Yahoo accounts hacked, the gender pay gap and the Brangelina divorce.

19th September 2016 - Interest rates, the bonus culture, investment options and why Britain doesn’t provide adequate funding for its tech start-ups.

22nd August 2016 - New confidence in the British economy, Uber driverless cars, the cost of rail travel and Specsavers trademarking ‘should’ve’.

15th August 2016 - Year high for the FTSE 100, recession talks, house prices in decline and the Paul Pogba transfer.

8th August 2016 - Interest rates are cut to 0.25%, drop in HSBC's profits and Uber fail to break to Chinese market.

1st August 2016 - GSK's investment in the UK, delays with the Hinkley Point power station and is Brexit being used as a scapegoat?

25th July 2016 - The economy a month after Brexit, Sir Philip Green is condemned over BHS and the senior bankers charged with fraud.

18th July 2016 - Theresa May's first week as PM, interest rates stay at 0.5%, North Sea oil workers vote for strikes and Pokemon Go is launched.

11th July 2016 - Plans to cut corporation tax, Theresa May set to be PM and Mishcon de Reya launches legal challenge to Brexit.

4th July 2016 - Signs of a post-Referendum bounce back, HSBC commits to the UK and a downgrade for Britain's credit rating.

27th June 2016 - Britain after voting to leave the EU. What challanges lie ahead?

20th June 2016 - Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn, Poundland's declining profits, low inflation and a momentous shift in the EU Referendum.

13th June 2016 - Dyson backs Vote Leave, Britain short of digital skills, struggles in the bond market and a £3 billion summer economic boost.

6th June 2016 - Your guide to the EU Referendum. Find out everything you need to know ahead of 23rd June.

31st May 2016 - A record year for foreign investment in the UK, Spotify announce record losses, M&S' share price plummets and the oil prices are on the rise.

23rd May 2016 - The Port Talbot steelworks takeover, a record year for London's tourism, Goldman Sachs' outlook on equities and the Muirfield sexism row.

16th May 2016 - Record jail sentence for insider trading, Apple's investment in China and the construction workers who won a £75 million payout after being blacklisted.

9th May 2016 - We discuss the election results after 'Super Thursday', the declining food prices and the increase in cyber attacks.

3rd May 2016 - HSBC's profits fall 14%, 'Bank of Mum and Dad' to lend £5 billion this year for house purchases and Leicester City FC win the Premier League.

25th April 2016 - An awful week for car manufacturers, the FTSE bouncing back and the British artist who'll be featured on banknotes.

18th April 2016 - Vote leave named as official Brexit group, A&E performance hits new low and IMF countries aim to boost slow economy.

11th April 2016 - The impact of the Panama Papers scandal, UK industrial output decreases and Brighton Pier sold for £18 million.

4th April 2016 - Problems for the UK steel industry as Tata Steel plans to sell, National Living Wage increases to £7.20 and GSK drops their patents in the poorest countries.

29th March 2016 - Shell to offload its North Sea oil operation?, Next set for a difficult year ahead and Brits are wealthier and healthier than five years ago.

21st March 2016 - Who benefits from the 2016 Budget, Sainsbury's bid for Argos and what's happening with interest rates.

14th March 2016 - Oil prices stabilise, increased number of workers on zero hour contracts and Budget speculation.

7th March 2016 - Workers pay £91 billion to work, Brazil in economic decline and the fallout from Super Tuesday.

29th February 2016 - More RBS losses, the advantages of attending private school and DiCaprio triumphs at the Oscars.

22nd February 2016 - Brexit worries, Japan's negative interest experiment, and Uber's $1 billion annual losses in China. 

15th February 2016 - The Independent to stop printing, HSBC to stay in London, and gold buying hits highs.

8th February 2016 - easyFoodstore opens, European stock markets hit a 16 month low, and are Yahoo in decline?

1st February 2016 - Japan announces a negative interest rate, HSBC under cyber attack, and mixed success for the Murrays in Melbourne.