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Lani - Cybersecurity Graduate

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A deep dive into the application process for the Liberty Global Cybersecurity Graduate Scheme

Lani joined us this year on the Cybersecurity Graduate Scheme. She gave us some insights into the application process and even offered a few tips if you’re considering applying this year.

What made you want to work for Liberty Global?

My previous work experience had been in SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises), so I felt the opportunity to work in a global organisation would present great professional development opportunities and insights. After attending the Assessment Centre, it was clear that whilst Liberty Global is a large organisation, the culture was more welcoming and more aligned to me than the Big 4. Additionally, from a cybersecurity perspective, working for an organisation that provides broadband, video and mobile communications is an excellent learning opportunity.

Tell us how you found the application process

The application process was straightforward. I received quick responses letting me know I had progressed to the next stage. The most difficult part was the Assessment Centre – it is a long day and can be challenging, but it was a great opportunity to meet the team and understand the culture some more.

Do you have any tips for someone applying to the Liberty Global Cybersecurity Graduate Scheme this year?

I would suggest you research Liberty Global and make sure you understand what they do, what their values are and how you align to these. I would also recommend that you look in as much detail as possible at the specific Graduate Scheme you are looking to apply for – make sure you know what it entails (e.g., structure and what the rotations available are) and why you think it would be good for your career development. Make sure you get plenty of rest the day before the Assessment Centre too!

Being curious and willing to learn is a key trait for someone entering cybersecurity. The landscape, threats and technology are constantly changing, and you need to be willing to devote some spare time to invest in your own knowledge and learning. Many organisations are now looking for individuals to not only have the technical knowledge (or at least the willingness to learn) but increasingly the ‘soft skills’, for example, communication and leadership skills as there are a range of cybersecurity roles where these skills are increasingly essential – so make sure you demonstrate and highlight these skills!

How do you align with Liberty Global’s values?

I believe that everyone from all backgrounds and experiences contribute to a high performing team and organisation, and that united we are better and Liberty Global actively tries to create a community amongst employees. I am also limitless in my aspiration and want to grow and flourish within Liberty Global, as well as step outside of my comfort zone. I also like to think that I am authentic and transparent in my personal as well as professional life, so it is great that Liberty Global strives to do the same.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your experience within Liberty Global?

Everyone at Liberty Global that I have met, those within my team as well as those in other functions, are very friendly and welcoming.

Our Cybersecurity Graduate Scheme is open for applications right now. If you want to follow in Lani’s footsteps, make sure you submit your application soon.