Spotlight on Insight's Adam Whiteley

After joining the company almost ten years ago, Adam tells us about his experiences working for Insight Investment.

Applying to Insight

I started out with a BSc Hons degree in Economics from Nottingham University and targeted the most recognised asset management firms in the industry. Back then, when I thought of asset management, stocks and shares usually sprung to mind. But I quickly learnt that there was a whole world beyond that that included alternative investments, foreign exchange and bonds.

I chose to join Insight in 2007 with what I would consider “luck by good judgement” - I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and find my career very rewarding. What’s striking for me is that I still have a great sense of fulfilment after almost a decade at the firm. The company has grown rapidly over that time and it offers every opportunity to grow with it.

Joining Insight

I joined in September 2007 as a credit analyst in the Fixed Income Group before becoming a credit portfolio manager at the end of 2008. The join rotation part of the programme was useful as it gives you a good grounding in how Insight operates and helps you to develop relationships with people across the business - this has been invaluable during my career. From the conversations I had with people, I soon found out that everyone was very driven, motivated and keen to contribute to the success of the business. 

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