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Arm | Michael's Story

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

Tell us what’s so great about being an Intern at Arm?

Arm invests a lot to make the internships a great experience. In addition to the main work many activities were offered like pub night, wellness Wednesdays, a hackathon and many more. 

Why be an Intern at Arm and not another technology company? Why did you choose Arm?

Arm’s history always fascinated me. The long way from the Acorn days to becoming one of the first and most influence IP companies is one of a kind. As a student I always asked myself how this company can produce such outstanding products with a relatively small team. I wanted to understand what “magic” makes the employees of arm capable of doing that. 

What do you do as an Intern at Arm?

As an intern at arm I worked on two very different projects. One project was an investigation to improve an existing solution with an interesting mix of exploration, writing software and designing hardware. The other project was working with an experimental flow to prove its usefulness and make contributions to a real product in development.   

If you had 5 minutes in a lift to sell someone an Internship at Arm? What would you say? What key things would you mention?

  • Outstanding working culture
  • Amazing colleagues
  • World class technology and products

What’s great about the technology you get to work with?

I never understood art but I imagine the amazement people get from masterpieces is similar to what I felt when first reading through the code of a real arm processor. Being able to work on this amazing technology that breathes life into billions of devices, is what makes working at arm an engineer’s dream. 

Has anything surprised you about working at Arm in a good way?

When I started I was surprised how open everybody is and how much communication with colleagues of every hierarchy level is encouraged. Asking questions is universally appreciated and seen as part of the arm culture. I also had a lot of freedom innovating around my work and propose new ideas. 

What are the benefits like as an Intern?

The benefits as intern are manifold. The base salary is good and adapted to the office location. On top of that the offered work environment is great and benefits a healthy and productive work flow. For interns many additional events that help to get in touch with other inters and arm employees are organized. 

What is the “Life at Arm” like?

Life at arm is strongly characterized by the three core beliefs (We not I, Passion for progress and Be your brilliant self). Working is very collaborative but there is also room for yourself to develop personally and pursuit ideas.