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Life at Atos: Pooja

Book open Reading time: 3 mins

Pooja graduated from University College London with a degree in Information Management for Business, before beginning the search for a grad role that would help launch her career. She found it at Atos, where she now works as in Client Services Management. Below we discover what day-to-day life at Atos is really like. 

Pooja's Background

My degree had a heavy focus on business and technology, so Atos was a perfect fit for me as I could pursue my passion for those areas.  The main reason I chose Atos was because I wanted to work for a company where I could obtain a professional qualification – I gained the ITIL qualification last year. In addition, Atos interested me because they have a strong focus on developing and training their graduates, as shown by the Initial Leadership Programme (our two-week induction).

The best thing about working for Atos is the culture of the company. There is a continued passion for employee development, which is fantastic as a graduate. Atos has the MyLearning portal, which offers a variety of courses covering a wide range of areas of interest – I found this platform very helpful when I was studying for my ITIL qualification. As well as my job, I am involved with the GIA committee as the Peer Shadowing lead, which is a great way to develop further skills.

The job summed up

My main responsibility is ensuring that we deliver the best service to our customers. I work with our technical teams to ensure that incidents are resolved and also engage closely with the client to ensure that they happy with the service we are delivering. As I am currently focusing on a fairly new account, I am often involved in the creation of new processes, which is a great way to learn more about the work that Atos do.

A day in Pooja's life


The first thing I do every morning is check my emails to see whether anything new has come in whilst I’ve been offline. There’s always something unexpected to deal with in my inbox!


I have a daily meeting with the technical team, where we discuss any new or ongoing incidents concerning the account. We also use this time to run through any new and relevant applications, such as PowerApps, which we think the client can benefit from. It’s a good time to catch up with them and reflect on areas of the service we can help to improve. After the meeting, I’ll head out with some colleagues to grab some lunch.


During this time, I’ll meet with my manager to discuss core areas of the account, such as risks and issues. This is needed to ensure that we are continuing to deliver a good service to the client and highlight any areas that require more focus. This side of the job involves management of spreadsheets and data. We set various objectives that we want to achieve with the service and use this time to see how we are progressing.


A key part of my role is representing Atos, so I’ll meet with the client to discuss the work we are undertaking with them. It’s important for the client to be in the loop and these meetings are very useful as they give the client the opportunity to inform of us of any important changes or additional work.

1700 till late …

I’ll end the day by checking my emails before logging off and updating my manager if required. After work, I normally meet up with some of the other graduates, interns and apprentices for some food and drink. It’s a great way to connect with those on other accounts and learn more about other areas of the company.

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