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Christine graduated from the University of Durham with a degree in Economics and Politics and is currently an analyst at Deutsche Bank’s Global Markets Division. Here, she provides an insight into the Bank’s Graduate Outreach for Women (GROW) programme and how it has helped her start her career in banking.

What attracted you to the GROW programme?

I saw GROW as a great opportunity to explore finance whilst at university before making a decision to apply for a summer internship. Unlike other programmes offered to university students, GROW is available to those who haven’t had any previous experience in banking. The world of finance can seem intimidating to students and GROW provides an excellent taster to the industry before jumping in.

What was your favourite part of the programme?

My favourite part of the programme was meeting the juniors at the Bank who had recently gone through the process I was about to start. Speaking to them provided a great insight into the experience of being an intern and a graduate at the Bank and I was extremely encouraged to meet other girls who were like me working at Deutsche Bank. This was what inspired me to apply for the summer internship.

How do you think GROW equipped you for your summer internship?

The most valuable part of the programme is learning how to navigate the Bank. Demystifying each division and understanding the different roles was extremely helpful when applying to the summer internship programme as it helped guide me to the parts of the Bank that interested me the most.

How did the summer internship programme help you decide on a full time career at Deutsche Bank?

The summer internship programme was a fantastic practical experience of working in finance and particularly at Deutsche Bank. Over the two months I had the opportunity to discover many parts of Markets, meet various teams, and understand the different roles available in the division. The most exciting element of the programme is having the opportunity to meet so many people at the Bank and get exposed to the energy, culture and working environment. I found everyone to be extremely enthusiastic in their attitude towards the interns - something I had not expected at all. I was welcomed very warmly by my new colleagues and supported by them in every step of my experience. For me, this was the determining factor for deciding to start my career at Deutsche Bank on the graduate programme.

What advice and tips do you have for other first years looking to join the GROW programme?

This point in your career, when you are starting to explore your options, is an incredibly unique time for you. Your main task during the programme is to learn about the industry, meet people who are there to help you, and decide whether it is something for you. In this way, the ball is in your court and you have the power to make of it what you will.


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