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Created on 5th Sep 2019

About us

The University of Bristol's Women in Finance Society was founded with the goal of bringing increased gender diversity to all levels of the financial world. We had over 331 members in the last academic year, a 126% growth on last years’ memberships, and are looking to reach even further out into the University’s community this year by running collaborative events with other societies.

Our goals

The aim of our society is to instil confidence in female students aspiring to roles in finance, by providing them with support, guidance, and both a professional and social network. Our hope is that in doing so, we will break down the stigma associated with female career progression within finance and equip women with the skills necessary for their success within this currently male-dominated arena. Increasing the calibre, confidence and supply of qualified female graduates to the financial world enables the University of Bristol to support the finance industry’s global objective of increased gender diversity within this industry.

We will do this by facilitating the provision of: 

  • Talks to learn about opportunities in finance
  • Discussion and panel events to develop insight and interest in the financial world 
  • Workshops with a focus on building individual confidence and skills
  • Support and guidance sessions for applications 
  • Networking events to develop a collaborative community.

In short, these activities have the purpose of bringing women together in a cooperative, non-competitive and collaborative manner, letting the activities of the society be informed by the expressed needs and interests of its members and helping them to develop the skills to succeed. We hosted and co-hosted over 27 events this academic year.‚Äč

Recent developments include our Women in Conversation Collaboration where we work with five other ‘Women in” industry societies in Bristol, allowing more students to learn about our society and the companies we work with.

The society was awarded ‘Most Improved Society’ at the National Societies Awards 2019; ‘Most Inspiring Committee” in 2018 and Gold in the Bristol SU Balloon Accreditation Scheme for the second consecutive year.

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