Partner Society Bath African and Caribbean Society

Created on 5th Sep 2019

About us

Build Networks. Break Barriers.

The University of Bath African and Caribbean Society is an opportunity for students that take an interest in the African and Caribbean culture to safely express themselves and develop enabling relationships. We believe that the key to success within university lies within forming relationships which enable people in expressing themselves the way they want to, and our ACS looks to provide a platform for those relationships. 

Cultural societies have always stood as a breeding ground for diverse thought, and our ACS sustains this, not only through cultural expressions, but through connecting students in a university renowned for huge success in STEM, social and political sciences with their creative side. This is done through our events, showcases and evolving creative media.

Our goals

The overall goal is to make an impact in the city and university of Bath through the provisions of a cultural “safe haven” for Bath’s African and Caribbean body.

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