Partner Society Cardiff Afro-Caribbean Society

Created on 8th Oct 2019

About us

Cardiff University Afro-Caribbean Society is an established community of vibrant students from Cardiff University of African-Caribbean Heritage. We are dedicated to celebrating our cultural heritage, establishing a welcoming community and empowering our members. As advocates for change, we thoroughly believe that through working together as a community we will be able to establish a society that we are all proud of. It is open to all cultures, and we welcome anyone who wishes to get involved. We are committed to meeting on a regular basis and we aspire to organise events and activities throughout the year that all students can engage in. 

Our goals

As a society we fundamentally have 3 missions:

  • Empower: We aim to empower students and become a positive force for our members by providing a platform that encourages personal development as well as professional growth.
  • Embrace: We aim to embrace our cultural heritage in all of its glory. Celebrating our achievements as a community, exploring our history and promoting good race relations.
  • Excellence: We aim to adopt the attitude of excellence in all that we do. Enabling our members to realise their potential and recognise the greatness deposited in each and every one of them.

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