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Interview: Mavra Manaf

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We recently caught up with Mavra, an Engineer at Frazer-Nash Consultancy to hear about her experience and get some top tips for Bright Network members to follow in her footsteps.

Name: Mavra Manaf

Current Role: Human Factors Engineer

University and Degree: MSc Human Factors and Ergonomics – The University of Nottingham

Explain your role at Frazer Nash and an overview of your key responsibilities

I joined Frazer Nash in February 2022 in the Human Factors team, which is within the Systems Engineering Business Unit of the company. My work to date has primarily focussed on the Civil Nuclear industry, where I have been contracted to EDF in the development of Hinckley Point C (HPC).

My work focusses on the Commissioning and Operational Readiness of the nuclear power plant, where I have conducted. As Built Verification and Validation activities to support non-active commissioning. Thus far, I have spent my time supporting the integration of Human Factors into non-active commissioning through reviews of documentation, producing additional guidance material, and integrating into the design of digital commissioning tools - all with the aim to support the identification of HF issues as HPC transitions into an operational state.

Utilising several design principles and conducting various design reviews to optimise user interaction, I engage with various stakeholders on a daily basis, and have authored technical notes to communicate findings and establish future work activities.

What appealed to you about joining the team at Frazer-Nash?

Frazer-Nash has an extremely reputable name within the nuclear and defence consultancy world (as well as the various other industry sectors), which was known to me early on when I started my Master’s. I had followed the company on LinkedIn for a while, so I had consistently seen some of the interesting things it has done in the past. Through its presence on LinkedIn alone, it was quite clear to me that the company was not only successful in upholding an extensive client portfolio, but it was also a very welcoming workplace which accommodates their employees and their needs. Frazer-Nash works hard to ensure it upholds s the core values of ‘caring’, ‘trusting’, ‘delivering success’ and ‘doing things that matter’, both within the company, but also outside. The opportunities at Frazer-Nash certainly feel endless, and in my experience, the company will always push you to achieve your professional and personal development.

What have you enjoyed the most about your role since starting?

How quickly I have been trusted in the work that I do, and the more responsibilities I have been given as I learn. I have been fortunate in being exposed to a variety of tasks and being mentored through these, which has allowed me to develop my Human Factors knowledge, but I have also been encouraged to apply those skills on my own accord, and to independently progress through my early careers journey. I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to showcase my abilities in such a short period of time, and I know this will only continue.

How would you describe the graduate community at Frazer Nash?

Very welcoming! Frazer-Nash takes a number of graduates every year, so it is nice being with others in the same position and navigating your first career with like-minded people (not to mention the social aspect, too!)

The company is fantastic in ensuring everyone is equipped with everything you could possibly need, and it is very clear early on that everyone is extremely friendly and willing to help, no matter what team or position in the company they hold.

For members considering applying to Frazer Nash this year, what would your top 3 pieces of advice be for the application/interview process?

1. Believe in yourself!

Trust that you are competent in your field of work, and that you will bring a positive contribution to the company. Frazer-Nash is great at recognising the potential in people, and will see that if you communicate your skills and abilities well during your application process. Do not be afraid to big yourself up and give plenty of examples!

2. Be authentic!

Frazer-Nash focuses on finding the right people to suit the company culture, so make sure you allow your real personality to show throughout the application process. Just try to relax, be yourself, and engage in conversation where you can.

3. Be curious!

Research the company beforehand, read about past and ongoing projects, and even connect with people from the company on LinkedIn. Reach out to people and ask questions, whether about the company itself, or the individual and their own personal experiences within their field of work. Making connections is extremely important and a great way to make yourself known for future opportunities within the company.