Partner Society Loughborough Enactus

Created on 12th Sep 2019

About us

Enactus is an organisation committed to provide change by stimulating entrepreneurial action across the globe. It is currently in 36 countries, 1,730 plus university programs, and it has more than 72,000 student members annually.

At Enactus Loughborough, we will create a community of capable and empathetic entrepreneurs who will become the drivers of social change through sustainable enterprise. We will responsibly empower those we work with in order to have a deeper impact.

Last year, we impacted 600 lives, brought in over £6000 of funding and created a committed team of 30 people. Our aim for the year is to continue and improve our impact and hopefully create projects that can reach the finals of the Enactus National Expo in April.

Our goals

  • To help develop new leaders and social entrepreneurs
  • To aid in the self-development of student members
  • To create a close relationship with the community and its representatives
  • To develop current Social Enterprises further
  • To reach the finals of the National Expo

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