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About us 

Hola!  Salut!  سلام!

We are a friendly group founded to help students keep up with their language skills in a relaxed setting.  We currently have six main language divisions: French, German, Malay, Mandarin, Spanish and Urdu.  We’re pretty new but we have big plans for the year ahead, including:

  • Regular ‘coffee break’ conversation sessions.
  • Social events to celebrate different cultural festivals.
  • Talks from multilingual professionals on how they’ve used languages in their careers.

We will also collaborate with the school newspaper, The Beaver, on a modern languages blog, to which members can contribute!  In addition, we’re pleased to partner with the LSE Language Centre and Bright Network to bring members even more events and opportunities.

We can’t wait to see you soon!

Bis bald!  Jumpa lagi!  不见不散!

Our goals

The LSESU Modern Languages Society aims to:

  • Bring together past and present students of modern languages.
  • Facilitate the maintenance and/or improvement of language skills through informal conversation practice and social events based around festivals in different cultures.
  • Promote language-learning as a means of enhancing employability.

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