Partner Society Birmingham ACS

Created on 19th Jun 2018


The University of Birmingham’s ACS has 257 members and remains the largest platform for BME students to connect, network and uplift one another. Even with a significant number of members, we pride ourselves in building and strengthening our ACS family (2018/19 target: 300 members). Based on last year’s statistics, 20% of our members studied in the University of Birmingham’s Law School; 22% studying Business and Political based degrees and over 10% studying Engineering. Being a minority society and with 74% of our members being females, we provide firms with exposure to a plethora of individuals enabling them to reach their threshold for diversity and inclusion. A partnership with Birmingham ACS will give you the opportunity to network with a diverse range of students and the chance to advertise placement and graduate opportunities.

Mission Statement

Our aim as a society is to create a sense of community for our members. Studying at university can be a somewhat daunting period in life – we endeavour to support our existing members throughout this time. Our ACS offers a community that one can rely on to help members destress and enjoy their university experience. This is why our ACS is a great support system for students at the University of Birmingham. For the academic year 2018/19, we aim to encourage our members to begin to think about their future careers with a direction and an understanding of their fields. With the growing interest in the creative industry, we as a society endeavour to evolve with this shift and provide opportunities for our creative members. We want our members to have self-confidence and aim high – we want to empower members so that they never feel limited when climbing the career ladder. This committee is enthusiastic and committed to providing a ‘home away from home’ as well as a family who wishes nothing but growth and betterment for one another. This will surely be demonstrated.

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