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Why Vodafone is the best place for a truly broad graduate scheme

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James tell us about his experiences on the Vodafone Discover Graduate Programme and shares his top tips for applying.

What is your favourite thing about working at Vodafone?

The trust and responsibility to manage your own time effectively; nobody is keeping tabs on you. Got a doctor’s appointment during working hours? That’s fine, as long as it doesn’t clash with any important meetings and you make up for any lost time!

What has been the biggest surprise?

How relatable and ‘human’ the Senior Leadership Team are. You don’t have to be a ruthless machine with no personality to reach a senior position here!

What can be challenging about working at Vodafone?

Because the organisation is so large, sometimes complicated processes can get in the way of doing your job efficiently.

Why is Vodafone different?

The sheer amount of roles available in a number of different business areas means that no two graduates will get the same experience. Vodafone is the best place for a truly broad graduate scheme.

Top tip for graduates applying to Vodafone’s Group Discover Programme:

Have a think about what really sets you apart from the crowd – Vodafone wants passionate people with a range of skills and experiences, not clones!


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