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Created on 9th Sep 2019

About us

The Oxford African and Caribbean Society (Oxford ACS) is a student-run organisation within the University of Oxford. At the heart of our activity is the desire to offer our members the opportunity to thrive at the University of Oxford without having to compromise their cultural identity.

Our goals

We organise our activities into 4 main streams: 

  • ACS Careers: It is part of our Society’s responsibility to ensure that its members have exposure to an understanding of a wide and pertinent range of career paths, which we complement with the creation of personal networks and opportunities with our partners. 
  • ACS Access: ACS Access schemes aim to use our specific experiences to build a confident, self-aware and independent generation of young students of African and Caribbean heritage through regular interaction with both secondary school students and those in sixth form.
  • ACS Events: ACS Events provide a homely and collective creative space where members can step away from academic demands and come together to engage with the expressive side of the ACS community and its cultural artistry. We also look to facilitate intellectual engagement with issues pertaining to the African and Caribbean diaspora and home communities through.
  • ACS Welfare: ACS Welfare ensures that our members are able to maintain their well-being, despite the pressures that come with being at university. Our efforts here are centred around mental health

Through these divisions we ensure that all members of the ACS family, whether they are prospective members, current members or alumni, are supported through their endeavours. 

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