Partner Society York African Caribbean Society

Created on 9th Sep 2019

About us

The University of York's African and Caribbean Society aims to encourage and support the celebration of African and Caribbean culture in order to enrich our members socially, culturally and academically. Our society also seeks to motivate and inspire; encouraging a welcoming environment in which members and non-members alike can express themselves freely. York's ACS hosts a variety of social events and career fairs to ensure that we engage both with our sponsors and the our wider community throughout our university.  

Our goals

Excel - Empower - Engage

York's ACS aims to primarily help its members excel by empowering and engaging them with our regular career events and social activities. Our goal is to ensure that our members are strongly equipped with the right skills and networks throughout our university and the UK, with the help of our intra-university society relationships, and our sponsors. 

Social media






Snapchat: @yorkacs