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About us

BAM Soc is the official society for all students studying at the York Management School (TYMS). Established in 2012. With roughly 100 members signing up each year. Our biggest event is our Winter Wonderland Christmas ball, with 200-300 people turning up each year.

Social and corporate events are hosted regularly throughout the year, including a diverse range of companies from contrasting industries - such as Fashion, Technology and Manufacturing. The diversity of these industries differentiates us from other societies- allowing us to be accessed by all students at the University of York interested in entering any industry.

We understand, however, that not everyone will know which industry is right for them. Therefore, in partnership with Bright Network BAMsoc aims to give students the opportunity to network with some of the top graduate employers, receive help on internship and graduate applications and will be running employability sessions throughout the year.

Under the full support of TYMS, BAMsoc aims to support students of all departments and interests. With a friendly atmosphere, a perfect balance between social and corporate, and ongoing employability advice, we will ultimately help you in achieving your core objective when leaving university: obtaining your dream career.

Our goals

Our aim is to create cohesion between employers and students - opening a world of possibilities for individuals interested in any area of business, accounting and management. We aim to achieve this through holding a variety of different networking events which will allow students to gain insight into companies that they may be interested in applying for. As well as holding other types of events which will help student’s CV’s stand out from others.

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