Your Campus Ambassadors From: University of Bristol

Created on 19th Jun 2018

Rosie Boyce

Degree Subject: History 

Graduation Year: 2020

About me: I am currently in my second year of a History degree at Bristol University. I love meeting new people, and I'm really looking forward to organising some great events through my role as a Campus Ambassador! My main career interest is in financial services, and during my first year I completed a Spring Week at Barclays. Alongside my degree, I’m heavily involved with the University’s A Cappella Society, as a committee member of our all-female group Pitch Fight, and as the society’s Secretary.

Favourite thing about Bright Network: The weekly commercial awareness updates are my favourite part of Bright Network. These are a quick and easy way of keeping up to date with the major commercial issues each week, and I often use these to direct my research before interviews. They also provide a great breadth of information, so allow me to increase my awareness across the commercial world rather than just my chosen sector which much of my research is concentrated on. 


Jake Gransbury

Degree Subject: Law

Graduation Year: 2019

About Jake: I am currently in my second year of my Law degree at Bristol University. I am enjoying university life and getting involved with many of the opportunities that are on offer. In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis with friends. In the future I hope to qualify as a solicitor and work at a law firm.

Favourite thing about Bright Network: My favourite part of Bright Network is the commercial awareness updates. These provide a fantastic way of staying up to date with commercial issues. They are quick and easy to read giving you key information and providing a platform to understand the commercial world in greater depth.

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