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Your Campus Ambassadors From: University of Manchester

Rebecca Windsor

Degree Subject: Law and Politics

Graduation Year: 2020

About Rebecca: After spending 6 years in Peru and graduating high school there, I came to The University of Manchester to study Law with Politics, with the hopes of one day following in the footsteps of Brenda Hale and becoming a supreme court judge. In my first year at Manchester I’ve thrown myself into all the opportunities I can, including the Model United Nations Society, Pantomime Society, becoming a student representative for first years, and, of course, working with Bright Network as a student ambassador. 

Favourite thing about Bright Network: Apart from the fact that BN has done so much in such a short period of time, my favourite thing about BN is what the team are striving to achieve - a network across the UK for like-minded students to connect and discuss career opportunities with each other. It’s just such a brilliant concept that provides a great support network and new opportunities for students everywhere. 


Katie Clarke 

Degree: Law LLB 

Graduation year: 2021 

About me: I am in my second year at the University of Manchester studying Law. I am particularly inspired how throughout history, Law has always been pivotal in bringing about change in all aspects of life; whether that’s through Environmental Law, Criminal Law, or through Mergers that will affect the everyday consumer. I have a keen interest in commercial law, and following work experience, discovered my interest for dispute resolution and private client. Being able to see how the law works in practice was a privilege and definitely made me more motivated to pursue qualifying as a solicitor. I’ve thrown myself into university life, embracing all the opportunities it has to offer;  I’m on the committee for the Baking Society (although I’m definitely not Great British Bake Off standard yet), alongside being a Campus Champion for Bright Network. In my free-time, I do Ballet and love pushing myself outside of my comfort zone - this year I am trying rock climbing and hiking for the first time! Every August, I work at a local college in Student Services which I find so rewarding as I am able to help students as they enter a new academic year. I was also an avid Dressage rider for a number of years, where following a nasty fall, I rebuilt my confidence and eventually returned to competing which took lots of hard work and determination. It inspired me to volunteer with young riders to ensure they always felt confident in the saddle. I am delighted to represent Bright Network at Manchester - I am a very sociable person and can’t wait to meet all the Bright Network members at UoM, current and prospective! Also - here are my five top tips for application season

My favourite thing about Bright Network:  There is so much to love about Bright Network, but mainly, it’s that they aim to encourage career discovery, and believe that everyone deserves the chance to be successful.  I think it’s wonderful how, even if you don’t know what you want to do yet, Bright Network welcomes you and offers endless support. From online advice, an e-learning academy, and bespoke events, Bright Network offers an accessible and valuable careers service. One of my favourite events is the Festival, which hosted over eighty-four partner firms this year. Through attending Bright Network events such as International Women’s Day and Future Lawyers Top 100, my confidence has been transformed and I have been able to gain more insight into my chosen career path. 

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