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Sara Shabani: A Day in the Life

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

Sara is currently an ACE Apprentice at Fieldfisher's London office. 


I arrive at the office and set up my desk for the day. I write out my to do list with tasks for the day and check my calendar to remind myself of any meetings and look through any unread emails and respond.


I prepare and send out the weekly email that goes out every Monday about the previous weeks client wins using the Power BI Dashboards.


A lot of my day (especially the beginning of every month) is filled with creating the monthly reports and statistics. I spend a few hours using our Power BI dashboards and Vuture to create International statistics reports, monthly BD activity updates and other statistics reports to then send out across the teams once finalised.


I then go out and grab lunch and make my way to the kitchen where I will join the other apprentices as we all like to have lunch and catch up with one another around this time.


After lunch, I have a meeting with a few PA's from the corporate group to deliver a bite size training session on our InterAction system for 45 minutes. I prepare for 15 minutes then deliver the training and leave time for any questions.


I have a catch-up meeting with my team, CRM catch-up. We discuss any projects and tasks we are currently working on, talk about our workload and any issues or assistance we may need from one another. This is also where my manager will ask me if there is anything I want to be learning or doing and just a quick catch-up on the learning side of my apprenticeship on how that's going or any help needed.


After my meeting, I go back to my desk and help on the events side of things. I draft a few invites for the partners and their events, send them over their invites and lists and get them approved to be sent out by the CRM team.


Before I leave the office, I go through one last check of my emails aand write out my to do list for the next day, any tasks I didn't complete today that need to be finalised tomorrow. I also have a look at my apprenticeship programme and have a look at any upcoming deadlines or live events.