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About Vodafone

From using drones to deliver medicines to rural communities, to helping bridge the digital gap for school students in the U.K. and powering our European network with 100% renewable sources - we don't just speak about change. We lead with change.

2020 was a huge eye opener, and a lot of change was promised. We know that progress doesn't just happen after one grand-statement. It comes from what we actually do. And our youth have a huge role to play in that.

Here, your actions speak louder than words. We empower you to learn, make mistakes, innovate, and collaborate - all while making a real impact. Both, in your projects and careers.

We offer opportunities in Technology, Business, HR, Finance, External Affairs, Commercial, Business Sales, Consumer and Customer Operations, across our Newbury and London locations. From Discover Graduate programmes to Industrial and Summer Placement programmes – the opportunities are endless.

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